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Mission Management Software


As Airborne ISR mission are time critical, CITC Mission Management Software (MMS) provides EW professionals with a powerful tool for the management of mission-critical data from start to finish. The MMS helps to prepare the ISR missions ensuring that the EW operators can focus on the critical information and produce quality intelligence data report and Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) in the area of interest.

CITC MMS provides the capabilities to quickly detect, identify and track targets using different sensors through a unified interface, allowing multiple intelligence sources such as Electro-Optical cameras, COMINT, ELINT, SIGINT, to fuse their data and generate an enriched information database.​

Europa system natively includes the capability to be interconnected with other ISR Sensor such as Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) camera which can be commanded directly from the Europa Operator Interface, ELINT sensors with database fusion and any datalink thanks to the embedded Guaranteed Link Protocol (GLP) and Extended Link Protocol (ELP) datalink management systems.

Europa can be integrated within a Mission Planning and Management Software either from CITC or third party thanks to its documented and open API. Using an industry standard export interface format, it is ready to be used for both new aircraft or as an addition to an existing ISR platform.

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