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Business Transformation

Use the power of Microsoft Dynamics to automate your Ordering, Transportation, Warehousing and Field Logistics. Choose from either a dedicated on-premises or Cloud-based approach. Give your Field Service Engineers all of the just-in-time tasks, calendar, technical information, location maps and supporting information they need to deliver outstanding Customer Service.

Manage your Business confident in the knowledge that your Employees, HR and Finance functions are tightly integrated with your Logistics and Engineering and that all parts of the Business Cycle operate under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA) Structure.

CITC will work with your key business stakeholders to design and configure an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Business Transformation


As a key Microsoft Defense Partner, CITC implements the Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM Solutions to support Supply Chain Management, Finance, HR, Field Services and Sales functions.


The World of Defense and Homeland Security is a complex environment with different equipment vendors providing expensive and high maintenance state-of-the-art products. Such products need constant maintenance to ensure that they operate to their maximum and critical efficiency; added to that the extreme weather conditions in the Region means that Supply Chain Managers and Field Service Engineers are heavily challenged.

Business Transformation
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