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Business Intelligence
  • Hyper-Convergence: all-in-one appliances including compute resources, storage and networking with fully virtualized resource allocation. Such an approach minimizes the complexity of managing the installation while maximizing the flexibility of heterogeneous software systems all running in parallel.

  • ​​Efficient Process Automation: based on Microsoft Business Solutions with pre-defined processes and workflows developed for Mission Critical environments, CITC relies on Dynamics with on-site or cloud-based installations. Moreover, end points such as ruggedized barcode readers, RFID readers, operator terminals are also enabled to provide an end-to-end automation experience.

Business Intelligence


Seeking to overcome the limitations of traditional Enterprise solutions when applied to mission critical environments, CITC has designed an integrated stack of solutions (both hardware and software) to bring all the features of Business Intelligence – including efficient process automation, high availability, resiliency, and uncompromising security – to its clients in the Defense and Security field.

Business Intelligence
  • Integration: CITC provides a fully integrated stack of software solutions – ERP, CRM, BI, Sharepoint, Skype and more…

  • For information and unified communications availability at the fingertips of the operator.

  • High Availability: based on real-time replication between a main and a disaster recovery installation, high availability is ensured with virtually zero downtime.

  • Resiliency: Secure copies of clustered databases stored in main and in disaster recovery with immediate availability, multiple instances of virtual machines in load balancing, and other proprietary measures ensure that data is always available.

  • Security: with CITC’s proprietary 360-degrees cybersecurity assessment methodology, the solution deals with encryption of databases, secured access zones, virtualized remote access, strong authentication measures, closely monitored end points and encrypted communication tunnels for remote access.

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