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Mid-Altitude Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance

The MAISR System is an airborne reconnaissance and surveillance system that provides commanders with real time airborne monitoring, IMINT collection and designated area surveillance.


​The MAISR System is composed of an Airborne Segment, installed on two (2) Hawker Beechcraft B300ER aircraft, and a ground segment comprising a Ground Observation and Control Station (GOCS), installed in a mobile shelter, and a Ground Based Mission Planning and Analysis Station (GBMPS), also installed in a mobile shelter.

The aircraft have been modified with installations for communications monitoring and imaging equipment which are installed in equipment racks positioned in the forward cabin area of the aircraft and at four operator stations located in the remainder of the cabin area. The IMINT sensor is a FLIR Star SAFIRE HD gimbal, which contains a fully-integrated IMU to precisely locate targets. It is a true digital system, not a hybrid analog/digital system.

In addition, the MAISR system includes a robust high-speed data link that supports video, voice, data and telemetry. The telescoping ground antenna element packs into a trailer that can be towed to remote sites.

The monitoring payload is uniquely a Special Mission Aircraft receiver, capable of multi-channel Man-In-The-Middle attacks and direction finding.

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