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Protective RF Bubbles – Active, Reactive and Hybrid Jammers

Whether for RCIED neutralization, VIP protection or communications inhibition, CITC has optimized several types of jammers with simple remote configuration and management. In small form, bag packs, trolleys and vehicular formats, our jammers are flexibly reconfigurable to adapt to the situation at hand. Combined with carefully designed antennas (omni and directional), confidence in the RF bubble is maximized to reach new levels of protection.

Moreover, based on partnerships with leading vendors such as Bull Amesys, CPM Elettronica and Samel-90, CITC designs and delivers several flavors of jammers:

Active Jammers with a dense RF bubble for frequencies starting 20MHz and ending in the 6GHz bands. Such jammers are effective against Drones, Walkie-Talkies and all types of cellular and computer networks – including newly licenses 4G bands. All bands are reconfigurable in power and frequency.


Reactive Jammers provide the much-needed flexibility of focusing the power on a specific band as a response to a triggering signal. With ultra-fast and highly sensitive detection components, our Reactive Jammers can cover all bands as the Active Jammers while saving on transmit power and provide adequate operator health safety measures.

Hybrid Jammers – the latest generation of intelligent jammers – are a complex combination of Active and Reactive Jammers that not only works in any combination of both modes, and not only focuses the needed power on the threat, but also provides a signal waveform recognition capability so that the jammer’s signal is adequately modulated for the maximum possible efficiency.
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