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Data Centers

Data Centers of the Future – Tier-certified.
Our field-proven blueprints allow for the record-breaking shortest-time spanning from design to build of Data Centers in Tier III and Tier IV certified variants.


  • Civil and Architectural: designed to be seamlessly integrated with other types of infrastructures such as Command and Control Centers, C4IS, and Land/Air/Sea communications centers, the blueprints dramatically minimize the time to build.

  • Electrical, Mechanical and Low Voltage Systems: covering the full scope for all types of engineering, the blueprints allow for direct procurement after a short assessment and sizing engagement.


  • IT Systems: drawing on our deep expertise in networking, systems and cybersecurity, our IT design is based on virtualization and hyper-convergence for quick and efficient deployments.


  • Software: a full software stack based on our Partnership with Microsoft for Business Solutions is combined with our proprietary Mission Management System that is based on modular building blocks for various applications.

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